Props & Costume Creation

Whether it’s specialised costume pieces for a troupe of dancers or a one off technical piece for the screen – We have a team of technicians ready to bring your ideas to life.

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The design and manufacturing of props for interactive campaigning and public participation is a Gorilla specialty. We understand the importance of longevity, transportability and usability when it comes to the public arena and our experience across television, film and stage is backed by our first hand knowledge of prop management on and off set.

Our technicians manufacture hero, hand and over sized props, as well as medical props, stunt and breakaway props.

Costume Creation:

Our international experience across dance, opera, theatre, promotions, television and film ensure our designs and interpretations are not only visually appealing but provide the utmost practicality in performance and operation.

We are skilled in jewellery making, leather work, sculpture, millinery, armour and the manufacture of character suits.

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